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Crafton won Stage 2 at Dover and finished 11th in the race.

Even with such complete, accurate wording such as this, trucking companies are still capable of reporting false claims to DAC and the driver is most often, left with a ruined career.

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The selfie – I am not suggesting you use a duck face in your professional profile, but it is important to know your best angle.

Be surgically precise about the credentials you would like to put forward and revise until you get it right.

As in the case of selfies, resumes need to be tailored to the job you have in mind.

It is important to understand why trucking companies are able to get away with this inaccurate reporting: Under this Regulation, drivers would be in their right to file a lawsuit against the trucking company for furnishing inaccurate information.

But this is where the big problem comes in for the truck driver.

The driver does as he/she is told, does everything correctly and professionaly, insures that all freight loads have been delivered, etc., and yet, later they discover that the trucking company has placed an "abandoned vehicle" on their DAC Report. Most other drivers would be leery of "getting involved" in fear of losing their job.Huo has become a celebrity in China, where he is being hailed as a Kung Fu master for his impressive moves.Locals have also noted the incident happened in Foshan town, Guangdong province — the famed birthplace of the martial arts legend Wong Fei-hung.Unfortunately for the thief, Huo was too quick thinking for him, and was determined to get his phone back.The thief got on a motorbike to ride away, but he made a U-turn and passed by Huo's truck on the other side of the street.

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