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Following are some features of IMAP: You must have an Internet connection to access your email.

(You can always get there directly by going to services.) Visit the Services Portal whenever you want to submit an IT-related help ticket, live chat with a Service Desk specialist, or review self-help knowledge articles.

If you like random video chat sites like Chatroulette or Omegle, you'll love this.

A couple of these projects have become institutions: Modernizr, keeping the technical playing field level and Phone Gap holding the mobile market open for web types.

If you've had a quiet time of it these last 12 months, then well done you, because the rest of us were sweating just to keep up with the base rate of change online.

HTML5 has reached critical mass, responsive development continued to barrel along at full tilt, then there's audio APIs and Web GL…Thankfully, the degree of change correlates positively to the problem-solving efforts of the developers and designers everywhere, dug into their respective specialities.

Endeavor has launched Speed Geeks Gigabit internet to maximize your online experience and get the fastest internet speeds available.

Even in the most rural areas, Endeavor E-FORCE internet services enable you to enjoy online games, watch streaming videos, share family photos, research school projects, shop online and even chat on social networking sites—all from the comfort of your home.

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